Friday, August 10, 2012

Just an observation in life .

You never know ,what you will ever know.Life is a paradox , a choice game ,a chaos with universal rules which no one knows .

But in life there are few rules which every one tries to live by and are accepted by most of us just to survive , but to those of us who like to live and not merely survive these rules may not apply .

If you know how to listen ,you can learn even from a person with a foul mouth , how not to talk like him . Life is lesson we learn everyday , we learn bad things ,good things but only time will tell why we learnt them.

One lesson I learn recently is this you should not ask questions to which you don't want to know answers . Just asking the question and listening to things you don't want to know , or just leaving the question out there hanging with out ever trying to know the answers is very bad .

It will change you , it will block flow of the energy in you .

Asking or not is always a choice , you have to be very wise to realise the timing and the situation .

Or some times you just have to ask it , all questions are not equal ,some carry more weight than others . so choose your questions wisely , who knows the next question you ask may change your life .