Thursday, April 25, 2013

Being you !

This is the most challenging thing that we can face in this ever changing world , with attention span of few seconds , and tons of information that we face daily , I thinks its quite natural for us to forget who we really are .

Every body want others to understand them and  expect others to behave or act in manner that is in line with our way of thinking and if they do some thing other than expected then we probably wont like them .

We all follow a set of rules ,written or unwritten , knowingly or unknowingly , most of us don't know when they entered our though process and which ones are more dominant than others , its very hard to say .

but they play a very important role in our daily lives , the real problem comes when we start breaking them one by one , and that vey first chance of breaking them we do it , probably for a person .

Example : I don't like gossiping , that is my rule and I really don't know why ! Now I meet a friend after a long gap say 10 years , then we start talking about those good old days .etc and slowly he starts gossiping , now the most common thing most of us do is break our rule , excuse being just this one day that too I met him after 10 years , so its ok to break .

No that is completely wrong. the maximum limit is to bend that too for extraordinary reasons not to break under any circumstances . this will enforce your belief system and make you stand for all the things which you believe are right no matter what .

This world is trying to change you all the time , its not a bad thing , but you have a stand and you know its right , Don't change it for any one or any thing .

Realise that Just being you (the good and best you) is the best thing we all can do .

Hope you like this post , would like to know your thoughts .

Namaste : kalyan Inampudi .