Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Best 7 Ways to Deal with Demoralizing people !

Demoralize : To make somebody loose confidence or hope . Confidence and hope with out them any person can break down.Hope and Confidence make your life more enjoyable,and they are the fuel for our dreams.Every one in this world will be criticized ,no one is an exception .

People really don't mind their own business ,they are most interested in others life and problems than their own ,because when it comes to US we are perfect ,we cannot find a flaw in us even if we want to .is it real no , we become blind when we come to see  our own faults .

we can do any thing ,but when it comes to others , he is not that talented ,he cannot do it . Some times a small criticism and a negative word may demoralize people ,shatter their dreams , is it good .. 

As bob Marley says,don't let them change you, Criticism in right direction is good and some times its useful and may be we can learn something out of it, but constant criticism is bad. No two persons are same which also applies to demoralizing people and here are some few tips on how to handle those who criticize ,demoralize and inject negativity in you .

starting with one of my favorite ,We have to change ourselves  to change the world.so never criticize any one .

    1. Who is who ? : It may be your family members or your best friend or some one else ,first realize who is a  negative ,demoralizing person,they may not be doing it knowingly ,but some times they inject fear and negativism which will make you think in wrong direction.When you have a dream and you are confident about it don't let any one tell different to you !  Because we might take them seriously and ruin every thing we dreamed of so first know who is who !.

    2. Listen ,Think and Proceed : Every thing they say cannot be wrong ,some times they may make a valid points and important ones which we might have overlooked and Listen ,never interpret when some is advising you,completely listen to it and and after that thing for a long time about it .because thinking in all possible ways will give you more clarity about the decision you are going to make . Proceed ,if you like their suggestion implement it or when you are sure that he is you know who ? just tell them frankly not to criticize or give suggestions again. 

    3.Stay away from Negativity : We plan and dream a lot of thing , suddenly some one comes and put a seed of doubt in mind and that is more than enough to destroy every thing we built. try as much as possible to keep away from these negative thoughts and discussions and people too . Don't let the weed of negativity enter your mind garden.

    4. Light Up the Darkness : Some times you cannot completely avoid these kind of people ,what to do ? analyze why they are like this and may be because of ignorance or lack of knowledge about a particular thing they may behave like this ,so try to educate them and light up the darkness and care for them and love them ,which will definitely change them .

    5.Befriend them : Some times people cannot adjust to the sudden changes you are making ,they may not have understood you properly and doesn't know much about you ,sit and talk with them and share your thoughts and opinions and ask them some things , share some thing and laugh and befriend them , who knows you best demoralizing person may become your best friend.

    6. Counterattack : this is not one of best ideas but still some times you need to defend your self , reply them string and hard ,when they start arguing reply them the best answers and you need to make them feel that what ever you are doing is correct and they should stop talking about you .win the argument and convince them.

    7. Ignore them : when nothing works this is the best thing to do, Just ignore them and this is a little bit hard part ,as it is not that easy to ignore a living talking person .so you need to develop that mental ability to ignore criticism as you may need it any time in life and demoralizing people are every where .

      Some times they just don't shut up and the best way to make them shut up is do that thing you are doing with complete dedication and sincerity and produce outstanding results and let them speak for you .and You may not need to use all the above mentioned tips ,you may not need all of them ,and have absolute knowledge in what ever you do ,so that you can face any challenge in the way .