Friday, August 10, 2012

To a Blessing in my Life !

No one probably know about me more than her !

Yet she know not of the dark passenger in me , her love for me is such that she just cant see it .

Earliest memories are vague , but those sand castles we built together were just priceless . My love for that spectacled  little girl is eternal .

I never understood her after that , we took different paths and all the time I never realised what I was missing , but in my heart I always loved her .

As they say time is the greatest healer , because all those pains and heartbreaks I caused had no other medicines , still she loved me the same .

Distance is the greatest friend , it makes us realise the love of loved ones ! oh how much I missed in all those years … but time is unforgiving  .

Fortunately for me she was always there ,understanding and  patiently waiting for me to see the reality , she always believed in me even when I didn't in myself  !

The day I realised that I was blessed to have her is the day I made a vow to never leave her ,always be there for her .

As life goes on , we are separated again , but I know she is always there for me and me for her !

I am not poetic or emotional , just remembering all the good times I had with her ,here love is taken as purest form between a brother and a sister .

The lady here is my dear sister Radhika Kiranmai ! who came to earth on this day a few years earlier than me to receive me . I love you kiran ! Happy Birthday .

India is a emotional land , here emotions are in huge proportion's just realised it .