Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Will and The Power of Habit

For a species obsessed with free will, choices, and options, we spend a surprising amount of time acting like zombies , we are all victims of our own habits .

Recently I am going through paradigm shift(s) thanks to this man Charles Duhigg , and his  NYT bestseller The Power of Habit , One of the most amazing book I have ever read . The Power of Habits .

The book is full of amazing stories ,How habits are developed and how they change peoples lives and how company’s changed just by changing one key stone habit and so , read it people you will love the book .

Now coming to will power it is also a skill like every other skill it  can be developed , it will take time but one can develop it with constant practice and patience .

Some times will power is tested in not in doing some thing but by restraining one self from doing something's , those are the testing times that will tell how strong your will is .

Will power is also a limited resource if you use it will get exhausted and will take time again to regenerate , so by practice day by day we have to increase the amount of will power .

For example Mr . X is a smoker , and he wants to quit smoking , his will is 10 % and when ever he tries to quit smoking he can restrain himself from not smoking say for 10 days , but after that it is hard for him , so he starts smoking again .

But If Mr. X starts exercising on the day he quits smoking and if he takes a liking towards it then he will slowly start increasing his will power too , then the chain starts the more days he doesn't smoke and more regularly he exercise the faster his will power grows and the more he will stay away from smoking and in time he will be free from that bad habit  .

This may not be applicable to all and is also not universal but , every habit is learnt , so we can also unlearn all the habits in life if we wish to . From nail biting to brushing your teeth daily every thing is a habit .

Read this amazing book guys , this post may have sounded like a review or publicity for that book ,this book is a treasure trove of knowledge as said in Rig Veda , let knowledge come from all sides .

Nothing is impossible if you have the right habits !

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