Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Best of motivational Songs

These are Selected motivational and Inspirational songs which I use to lift up the mood and keep me inspired . And l Love to collect more songs like these add your Favorite songs which are Inspiring in nature and which are sure to lift up the mood.

Any Language is ok, mention them in comments and help me create a better list by sharing your thoughts and Suggestions .English ,Hindi and Telugu lists are here , I am hoping to create songs list in many more languages with your HELP !

Please do share links ,Ideas and this post .

aside-2 English : 

  1. Get Up, Stand Up – Bob Marley
  2. Eye Of The Tiger
  3. Danger Zone (Album Version) -Kenny Loggins
  4. The Final Countdown -Europe
  5. We Will Rock You -Queen
  6. I Believe I Can Fly (Album/LP Version) -R. Kelly
  7. Lose Yourself -Eminem
  8. It's My Life (Album Version) -Bon Jovi
  9. Could you be loved
  10. I am Alive
  11. Finger Prints
  12. Conquest – Rocky
  13. One step Closer
  14. This is Me
  15. Overture
  16. The Measure of a Man
  17. Omen
  18. Don't Stop Believing
  19. Hearts on Fire
  20. I have a dream
  21. Burning heart
  22. Gonna Fly Now

aside-1 Telugu : 

  1. Indiramma Inti Peru kadu ra Gandhi
  2. Maa Telugu Talliki (Leader)
  3. Now or Never (Vedam)
  4. Vandemataram (Leader)
  5. malli Puttani (vedam)
  6. Nee Prasnalu (Kotta Bangaru Lokam)
  7. Parugulu Teeyi (Maryada Ramanna)
  8. Athade (Athadu Title Song)
  9. Every body (Chukkalo Chandrudu)
  10. Enthavaraku (Gamyam)
  11. Jagada jagada (Geethanjali)
  12. kaklulu  (Nijam)
  13. Krushiunte (?)
  14. mounamgane (Naa Autograph)
  15. Narasimha Title song
  16. nenuanani neekem kadani
  17. o maria o maria
  18. sahasam swasga (okkadu)
  19. sye sara sare sye (Idiot)
  20. Urvasi urvasi

aside-3 Hindi:

  1. All izz Well (3 Idiots)
  2. Kholo Kholo (Tare Zameen Par )
  3. Lakshya
  4. mera Jaha(TZP)
  5. Sindbad the Sailor(Rock On)
  6. Aashayen (Iqbal)
  7. Mangala mangala (Agni) (Mangal Pandey)
  8. Yejo desh hai (Swadesh)
  9. Kuch Kariey (Chak De !)

Which gems and jewels did I miss ? please add your songs,list,and Suggestions in the Comments  ~~~Thank you ~~~