Wednesday, February 17, 2010

best 10 Ways to handle a stressful situation

Inner Peace.relaxation and being productive these are more valuable than gold,platinum and diamonds in today's busy world and with work,commitments and other things our lives became so busy ,we are killing ourselves with work load and we don't realize it .People are dying due to stress and many other side effects are caused by tension and stress.

When we are under stress we don't work with our full capacity or potential ,more chances are there that we ruin that work .why does we allow stress near us .. here are some Thoughts that came to me while thinking about Stress :stress

Pulp Fiction : Have you seen Pulp fiction movie ,If yes you will understand exactly what I am saying ,We  plan some thing and suddenly we are into some thing else which is not an ordinary situation and suddenly we are under loads of stress.We might not have done any thing like that in life till now ,but these situations will make you do things you never done . Accidents,bad news ,unwanted coincidences , all come under this category.

One Wrong Step : To Err is human,but we regret a lot in these situations because of our errors. Some times we make mistakes that will cost us dearly ,not only they demand a lot of attention but will also put you under a lot of stress.Some times we say Yes where we should be using NO , and enter these situation ,and we add additional work and regret our decision .

Too many Commitments : When you say yes to too many people ,you will land in this situation and most of come under this kind of  situation ,we have to work under extremely stressful conditions to come out of it ,Meetings ,parties,family,friends,to keep every one happy you ruin your inner peace and productivity and enter the stress zone . here are some tips to come out of these kinds of situation and hope they come handy in your time of need !

1. Accept the Situation  : You cannot make orange juice out of apples .this is a fact so is life ,you cannot make some thing out of very thing ,you are in a stressful situation and you have to accept it and don't try to make some thing else which will makes things more worse .Don't panic,Don't break down . just cease the moment and understand it . say this to your self ,If my problem is big my god is bigger .

2. Execution Time : Thinking or panicking alone wont solve your problems,its time for action,you are in a stress situation ,access the situation ,the facts the details and other information have every thing you need and surely your confidence will grow by this time and start the things and slowly but steadily you will come out of it .

3. Breathing space : you need to take this time and make most of it , you will get some understanding of situation after doing the above steps ,now its your turn to return and relax , things will make more sense now and you will be relived of stress soon . You can make correct and proper decisions in relaxed state of mind than in stress so to get out of it soon think more relaxed and peacefully.

4. Practice the Art of saying NO : Yes saying no when ever you feel like saying, will help you stay away from stress.When you have a busy schedule or work ,some one will ask you a favor or invite you for some party ,unless it is very very important to say yes ,don't say it . Prevention in better than regret

5. Sing a Song : Yes when you are in a very stressful situation sing a song ,If possible loudly or else with in yourself sing  it ,sing it from bottom of your heart and see the amazing result.Really stress will be reduced and automatically your mood will also change .

6. Eat, sleep and pray : To have a healthy mind you need healthy body,and you need to eat and sleep properly and with out proper sleep we cannot do next days work properly ,all are inter related and Good food and exercise will lead to good sleep and which leads to productive day , and thank god for such a wonderful life and gifts he sends us daily .

7. Write down your problems : When you are under stress write down your problem,take a pare and write down all that's bothering you ,don't leave any thing and you will get the complete picture of your problem and think about every word you have written , i am sure you will see new rays of hope ..

8. Fix the Leakage : The Reason you are in such a situation may not be completely because of you , but to get out of it depends on you . Try to fix all those small things which  are causing you a worry ,because in stress every thing looks so big , From jamming car door to any thing ,try to fix as soon as you spot the problem.

9. Be like some one else : We always read ,be yourself , but in a situation we cannot be our selves and every body knows it ,when you think like some one else in stress,your mind will think like him and not like you and this may sounds funny ,but try it . Suppose you are in a action kind of situation think like James bond ,you will be super cool .

10. Meditation and Breathing : Breath more and supply more oxygen to your brain and this helps brain to properly or normally , more oxygen more relaxation , try to meditate or have deep breaths which will surely help you .Meditation will help remove all the unwanted thoughts and helps you focus on the Important issues .

Stress is basically a disconnection from the earth, a forgetting of the breath. Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important. Just lie down.”  (Natalie Goldberg)

Prevention is better than cure , don't let stress eat up your beautiful life and keep life simple and don't complicate it , life is for living not working … Hope you liked the article Please consider sharing This post .Subscribe Via RSS or Email