Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What makes me weak

I don't like things ,thoughts and people that make me weak or feel weak , but that is huge contradiction to my most basic principle that there is nothing out side of your mind .

Ideas,things,actions,circumstances and many other things come in to life but what makes you weak or strong is completely in your hands , easier said than done !

every thought is like a seed , and being the Gardner of my mind i should decide which ones are to be sown and which ones are to be discarded . so every thought no matter how small, in reality matters .

garden looks good only when it is properly taken care of , actually what we do in this busy world is being so busy we will not take proper care in choosing the seeds , out of laziness or ignorance or any other reason we leave the screening process which is the most vital part and allow all kinds of seeds to be sowed in the garden .

Having faith in our abilities assuming that we will take care of all the plants once they start growing and weed out all those which we don't like or need .  If the earlier one was a mistake this one is a blunder !

why you might ask ?

because we are not at all having a organised garden , we are having all kinds of plants and tress in a very messy order apart from that we are having too many weeds and lastly there are many plants out there of whose purpose and usefulness we don't even know .

when summed up uses so much of space which could have been used for more useful tress . An oak is an oak no matter where it is planted but it’s usefulness will be multiplied when its planted in proper place and way .

so friends what I am trying to sum it up here is this :

Your thoughts are the most important things in your life they are your makers and breakers , good thoughts are more precious than gems and jewels , nurture them ,take care of them , don't say yes to negative and bad thoughts they not only bring you down but also occupies space of good thoughts .

every though is important just remember this and  make sure which ones goes in and which one stays out , it is easier when you think less (in terms of quality leave the idiotic and trivial ones like sugar is less in the coffee..etc) .

Hope this post is useful to you .

Namaste : kalyan Inampudi .