Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Feminine mystique By Osho

Lao Tzu feels that the nature of existence is more like a woman than like a man, because man comes out of woman, woman comes out of woman. Man could even be discarded but woman cannot be discarded. Woman seems to be a basic element.

Man grows out of it. Woman seems to be more elemental, more natural; man has something unnatural about him. If you ask biologists they say that man has a deep imbalance in his biology; woman is symmetrical, balanced. That's why she looks more beautiful and round. Man has corners, woman has no corners.

Lao Tzu has this analogy that the nature of existence is more feminine, it is more balanced. Look at the trees, at the birds singing, rivers flowing; look all around and watch -- you will find more of feminity everywhere. Everything seems to be perfect at this moment. The trees are not worried about the future, nor are the birds; rivers are moving so lazily, so silently -- as if they are not moving at all. There’s no hurry.

Man exists with time, with a worry. Deep down the worry seems to be sexual: the worry about achieving a sexual orgasm. Whenever a man is making love to a woman he is worried whether he will be able to make it or not, worried whether he will be able to satisfy the woman or not, worried whether he will be able to prove that he is a man or not.

The worry: an inner trembling, in a hurry somehow to prove, and that's why he misses. Orgasm is a different phenomenon: it happens only when you are not worried, it when you are not an achiever, it happens only when you are not reaching for something, it happens in a deep relaxation, when you are not in control -- but nature takes control.

Then your whole body throbs with an unknown bliss. Then every cell of your body celebrates in a total ecstasy; then it is divine.

But man is worried, and that sexual worry is the root cause of all worries. Then everywhere he is trying to prove himself. There is no need to prove yourself. You are. You are perfect. No woman is worried about proving; she takes it for granted that she is perfect. She lives in a relaxed way.

Lao Tzu says the nature of existence is more feminine. He is not trying to prove that existence is female. He is simply giving an analogy.

A man can also be feminine. A Buddha is feminine, a Lao Tzu is feminine, and a Jesus is feminine. Then he lives, he lives in the moment, unhurried; he enjoys the moment unhurried.

A man can live a feminine existence -- then he becomes a mystic. That is the only way; so all mystics become in a certain way feminine. And they are the real religious men, not the founders of religion.

And if you can find the key to open the door of the mystic female you have opened the door of existence. Everybody has to enter that door non-tense, balanced, satisfied and content -- that's the secret of feminine being.

  Everybody has to come back to the mother; that is the feminine mystique. You are born out of the mother's womb, and you have to find the womb again in existence. If you can find the same warmth, the same life, the same love, the same care in existence -- then existence becomes your home, your mother.

Tao: The Three Treasures

courtesy: Osho International Foundation,