Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Adaption is the KEY !

Charles Darwin is right , only those who adopt survive and others perish . Adaption is the key ingredient in successful peoples life style and it makes a huge difference in life .

We have different phases in life and in every phase there are many more phases and roles and those who adopt to every situation will have a wonderful life , and most common mistake is comparison between different situation and between people.

And most simple solution to most of our exterior problems lies in adaptation ,when our mind understands that we are in a situation and there is no escape from it that's when we really start adapting ourselves to it .

Till then we resist avoid and escape from situations making them more complicated and tougher for mind to accept them . See it as it is adapt it and use it to your advantage and not the other way around .

We want things and people as we want them to be not how they are and this is one root cause of many Problems , People say we wont compromise or adjust to situations ,conditions and people and instead expect these to adjust according to our mentalities and paradigms.

Its hard to digest but this is not right way to approach towards life , after all what is life ,all the people whom you meet and how you make them feel and how they make you feel . isn't it ?

P.S Enjoy every second of life and forget what others think about you and adopt your self to your full potential  and Inject life in every second !