Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You Only Live Once !

With all due respect to every ones Religious,spiritual and other feelings I think we live only once ! No we are not a soul with a body we are a body with a brain .

Sadly Few people use it in the right way , contrary to common thinking that most people don't use their brains ,most of us use it but in wrong ways or in wrong proportions .

Oh I forgot the Disclaimer : I am no GURU !

Now what is a right way no one defined it either ,  its left to us to decide .So it changes from person to person .

You only live once ! 

If we assume that we only live once What will be the changes you would like to make in your life ?

My number one suggestion will be to Stop being some one else and start being you ! I am sure every one is contradicting with me on this but this is THE TRUTH ! 

Do things that makes you happy , never ever do things which makes you unhappy no matter what ever the consequences you have to face for not doing them , Don't mind even if the world goes up side down ! Which wont happen in any case .

I don't like to write lengthy posts , you have an offline life too . Just try to love more live more and thanks for reading .

P.S  Did you say I love you to your loved ones today ! try it and let me know what happened ?